Preventive Holistic Dentistry in Hayden, ID

At Northwest Natural Dentistry, our skilled team, advanced technologies, and health-focused treatments allow us to provide minimally invasive, health-focused dental care. At the heart of our approach is prevention, allowing us to find, understand and correct the root cause of dental health issues before they become more serious problems.

We offer the following holistic prevention services at our Hayden, ID dental office:

Preventive Wellness Exam, Dental Cleaning & Education

family of 4 smiling after visiting the dentist in Hayden, IDAt every preventive exam, our team uses advanced technologies and health-focused techniques to help you address oral health concerns early on. Our digital intraoral x-rays, digital panoramic x-rays, and digital 3D cone beam x-rays make it possible to get a complete view of your mouth and teeth, providing a full assessment of the state of your oral health.

Amalgam-Free Fillings

As an amalgam-free office, Northwest Natural Dentistry is proud to treat our patients using only the safest possible materials. That means our dentists will never provide mercury-containing silver fillings. When you're here, you can trust that your fillings and restorations will always be metal-free!

Safe Removal of Mercury Fillings

woman smiling in the dental chair at Northwest Natural Dentistry

If you've received amalgam fillings and are concerned about the potential health effects of their mercury content, our doctors are qualified for the safe removal of mercury fillings.

Oral Cancer Screenings

We follow a health-focused approach to dentistry which focuses on catching serious conditions early on. Our ultra-thorough oral cancer screenings check your mouth, head, neck, and throat for any potential areas of concern.

Mouth Guards for Bruxism

Grinding your teeth while you sleep, commonly known as bruxism, can wreak havoc on your tooth alignment and bite. To help patients avoid the uncomfortable effects of bruxism, including headaches and uneven tooth wear, our team creates custom mouthguards designed to be worn at night.

Athletic Mouth Guards

Are you involved in sports? If you participate in any type of athletics, your best piece of insurance could be a simple athletic mouthguard! Our team can help you preserve your healthy teeth with a custom mouthguard designed to safeguard you against oral injuries, broken teeth, even concussions.

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