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Prevent and Heal

apple_150x150.jpgFirst Do No Harm . . . prevent and heal before you treat

One of the greatest gifts I received from my naturopathic medical education was the a thorough understanding of the Vis medicatrix naturae . . . the healing power of nature. Under appropriate conditions, our bodies have incredible abilities to heal themselves of virtually any ailment. The body always does the healing—doctors and medicine can only assist or suppress the process.

For the most part, modern medicine and dentistry has ignored this fundamental rule of health and healing. However, the healing power of nature can be used to prevent and heal tooth decay.

I have written a fascinating report, Natural Secrets to Prevent and Heal Tooth Decay. I guarantee the information in this report will change what you believe is possible regarding the strength and health of your teeth. If you would like a free copy, just type your name and Email address in the box below. A download link will be be mailed immediately to your inbox and you'll get instant access to this report. If you fail to receive the confirmation email, it is likely in your spam folder. Check there and be sure to place in the safe senders "white list" of your email program. If you encounter an problems or issues with the your order, please contact us through the Contact Page.


Coeur d' Alene Dentist | Prevent and Heal. Cory Harker is a Coeur d' Alene Dentist.